Sunday, 27 November 2016

[REL-GTA SA] Dead Rising 2 Case West Frank in the Dress Suit outfit

So this is the Case West Dress Suit outfit rigged to GTA SA with it's original textures, only edited texture size is the shirt as that is a reused and lightened up. Also the normal maps have been merged with the diffuse textures to give them the details. Hope you enjoy this, also let me know if you find any bugs I may have missed. :)

Download link on GTAinside!

Monday, 17 October 2016

[REL - GTA SA] Dead Rising 2: Caze Zero Chuck Greene

So here he is! He is finally here after 6 years in GTA SA. Case Zero Chuck Greene! All textures here are the orignial CZ textures used in the xbox 360 DLC prolouge game. Except for the hair, eyes, mouth, arm and arms/hands texture and the watch. Those came from the PC version since they are the same textures anyway. So I hope you enjoy this rig. :)

Download from GTAInside!

Let me know if you find any bugs as I tend to miss some, sometimes.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

[REL - GTASA] Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Biker Update Malc

So here is Malc from the biker update DLC which came out on the 4th of October this month. Did have it rigged on the 4th, but had to wait again for gtainside's admins to approve it properly this time. So hope you all enjoy this. :)

Download from GTAinside! :D

Monday, 12 September 2016

[NEWS] I am now uploading to GTAInside

So as the title says. I am now hosting my mods on GTAinside. I will still upload the onedrive links here for those of you who don't like GTAinside for whatever reason. Just the hosting is a little bit easier there and there is a garuntee no links will vanish with either host. So feel free to follow me on GTAinside too. :)

Friday, 9 September 2016

[REL- GTA VC] Vice City Stories SWAT ped over VC's swat ped

So it's just as the title says. This is the VCS SWAT ped rigged over Vice City's fully geared SWAT ped. Did this as I personally like the VCS peds more than VC's as they feel a bit more unique and real oddly. So might be rigging a few VCS peds over VC's ones soon. Next up will be VCS's cop peds over VC's cop ped. :) Also a file for this to be used over Tommy in his default starting outfit is availiable too. I'd reccomend using it with modloader, which supports GTA 3 and VC now. :)

Freeze! (Click to download)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

[REL- GTASA] Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake

So with the recent release of Nathan Drake from the Golden Abyss game. I can now release Uncharted 3's version of Nathan Drake. Credits to luxox18 for extracting Nathan from the Uncharted 3 game. :) Note that for some reason, the alpha on the model is very odd in SA and no matter what I did, it doesn't seem to get fixed. So due to this I had to remove the eyelashes and Nate's eyebrows and join his eyebrows texture to his face texture. If you spot on bugs on the model let me know so I can fix the fixable ones. :)

An adventure of a life time! (Download Link here!)

Next up. Uncharted 3 Elena ! :)

Sunday, 4 September 2016

[REL- GTASA] Uncharted Golden Abyss Nathan Drake

So yeah as the title says. This is Nathan Drake's model from the PS Vita Uncharted game. Found it when browsing XPS release one day and had to rig it as I recently started playing the Uncharted series and loved the character a lot. :)

Download here! :D

Also please use silent patch to solve the alpha issues. It get's around most of the hair bugs in game too. :)